Frequently Asked Questions.

How is MentorKart® different than career guidance programs ?

Career guidance programs are largely aimed at acquainting you with the various career options available and how to prepare for it. MentorKart® goes a step ahead and handholds you by mentoring on academic and personal skills which help you in achieving the goal.

What is MentorKart®?

MentorKart® is the next gen 1:1 mentoring platform in India bringing together renowned mentors and mentees who need mentoring.

How does MentorKart® assign mentors ?

MentorKart® has intelligent algorithms for matching a mentee with a relevant and highly rated mentor. So you can be assured of getting the best.

How does MentorKart® work ?

Sign up on MentorKart® as a mentee and set your professional and personal goals. You can set upto 6 goals. Choose a membership option and a relevant mentor is assigned to you. Take up the mentorship program with the mentor and whoosh… achieve your goals.

I already have a mentor assigned at workplace, why should I sign up at MentorKart® ?

Mentoring at workplace would prepare you for the next level role in the organisational hierarchy whereas Mentoring program with MentorKart® would give you access to the best industry mentors with some exclusive webinars, articles and book excerpts widening your scope of learning.

How do I stay in touch with my mentors ?

MentorKart® enables you to stay in touch with your mentor all the time. You can SMS, schedule a call and have a voice chat with your mentor, all through the platform.

How does MentorKart® ensures the quality of the program ?

All the mentoring programs are being closely monitored by our panel of observers who ensure the quality of programs and also assist in recalibration if the mentee needs assistance.