Why should you opt for Goal-Based Mentorship

Develop your skills and shine among the peers

Don’t know what skills you are lacking to help you grow in your domain? Our 1:1 mentorship sessions will help your skills personally. Don’t think too much and let’s start.

Get to choose your own Mentor

Find a mentor for yourself who aligns with your career goals. This will also help in building your network.

Continuous Industry Mentorship

It is crucial that the mentee get continuous mentorship for more in-depth guidance and support to meet the needs as they grow and develop in their career.

Get Recorded MentorKart(R) Mentorship Program for free

A soft skills program is to develop your confidence, enhanced problem solving and build strong leadership skills.

Get Roadmap of your Growth

A roadmap can make you set clear goals, prioritize actions and track your progress along the way.

Our Goal Based Mentorship Programs





Pay what is needed, not an extra

Our moto is to deliver high quality mentorship at affordable prices

Meet our Mentors

Have a look at some of our mentors who will be helping you along the way

How to Excel in a Job Interview with Confidence

Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications required for the job, which will increase your chances of getting hired. Never show the fear in your voice.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Different programs includes different number of sessions. Please check the program description to know more.

We have added various mentors according to the goal of a program who can help you achieve your goals. You can view their profile also to find out more about them.

Yes, all the sessions will be conducted online.

The session will always happen on MentorKart platform.

Don’t worry you will receive a call back soon. If you don’t please call us on +91 7678276493 or email us at support@mentorkart.com