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Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi as Investor & Mentor

“Mentors play a key role in the success of individuals. I am really happy to be associated with Mentorkart which has a great set of Mentor's, and Mentorship Programs with a long term vision. They are doing a wonderful job in mentoring students, working professionals and early-stage entrepreneurs”

Ashish VidyarthiActor-Traveller-Communicator
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There are two ways to succeed in life, learn by making mistakes or learn with a mentor.


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What They’re Saying

I was looking for a job and I was actually directionless like from where I should start. I was blank in my mind. I got to know about MentorKart and downloaded the app, I go through the entire mentorkart platform.

I got the email from Nitish and then then I get referred to a mentor, Kamalini Roy maam. She actually gave a direction on how I can proceed further. How I can restart my career. And then things went on a good way for me. Before having my interview I had a mentorship session with maam and then I got the job so it was a good journey.

Manisha MaheshwariStudent

We are from Surat and I am currently a vendor at Flipkart and Meesho. I'm selling my goods in the electronics category. My wish is to grow and to grow in this coming scenario, to match up with coming competition and make an increase in turnover and sales, we have got a handholding from mentorkart.

I have attended 5 sessions of my mentor and he has been guiding me very well. They have different divisions and different mentors for different divisions to handle every mentee. So I'm really happy with the solutions that they are providing to me from the one to one sessions."

Ahmed NooraniEntrepreneur

I am a Student

There are challenging times in our life when we are grappling with some difficultly and require guidance. Your family and friends are rarely in the position to fill the gaps as they may not be able to relate to the issue you are facing, they may also lack the skills and may not be that trustworthy.

A mentor coach handholds you on the journey you have never walked before, like taking up a new career. They channelize your energy constructively and shorten the learning curve.

I am a Professional

We often come across situations in life where it gets challenging to rise to the occasion and we feel ourselves deficient in taking up the task. It may be taking up a new career, trying to become an exemplary performer in that new and much coveted job, career transitioning, building a freelance career or needing a financial mentor to streamline your finances.

If one needs to succeed in life without wasting much of time and resources, enrolling in a mentorship program is the right approach. Mentorship programs aim at long term professional development of an individual. It follows a mentoring plan with the mentor performing a skills analysis and setting up a milestone-based program to lead you towards success.


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