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Welcome to MentorKart, your go-to career and job tech platform! We're on a mission to fuel India's journey to become the Skill Capital of the world, and we're here for you. Our focus is on making you, the talented youth of India, ready for the job market and future challenges. We're all about connecting you to top-notch global companies, paving the way for you to shine in your career. Join us in building the largest and most skilled workforce, and let's make sure India stands tall as a global leader in professionals like you!


Our Vision

To Accelerate India’s Journey in becoming the Skill Capital of the world.


Our Mission

Making Youth of India Industry & Future Ready.

Over 50% of engineering graduates and 60% of non-tech graduates in India are unemployable, emphasizing the need for industry-aligned skilling.

Source: Various Media Houses

We are addressing a two-sided problem. On one hand, employers invest 3-6 months in making new talent productive due to the industry-academia gap, hiring and training costs specific to job roles, and soft skills gaps. On the other hand, young students are graduating but lack exposure to the real skills required for employment. Consequently, they are unemployable and also face challenges related to career guidance, industry-relevant skills, and communication/soft skills.


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