PNB MetLife Graduate Development Program

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Soft skills training

120 hrs of Training

Industry certification

100% Live

1 Month Training

Batch starting soon

Salary up to INR 3.6 LPA + Incentives

100% live session

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About PNB MetLife

PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife) is one of the leading life insurance companies in India (Source – CRISIL), has as its shareholders MetLife International Holdings LLC (MIHL), Punjab National Bank (PNB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited, Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), and other investors, with MIHL and PNB being the promoters of the Company. PNB MetLife has been present in India since 2001.

PNB MetLife brings together the financial strength of a leading global life insurance provider, MetLife, Inc., and the credibility and reliability of PNB, one of India's oldest and leading nationalized banks. The vast distribution reach of PNB together with the global insurance expertise and product range of MetLife makes PNB MetLife a strong and trusted insurance provider. PNB MetLife follows ‘Circle of Life’ philosophy for products and solutions and caters to financial requirements of customers covering their 4 different stage of life- Child Education, Family Protection, Long Term Saving and Retirement. Our comprehensive product portfolio comprises of 25 Retail and 14 Group Products and riders catering to the various needs.

Details about this Program

This program is designed in collaboration with PNB Metlife for recent graduates and working professionals with up to 1 year of experience who want to start their career in the field of Insurance. In this program you will be provided with a one month training post and you will get the role of Junior Relationship Manager or Assistant Relationship Manager . Post completion of Training, PNB MetLife will offer you a full time job.

Eligibility: Any graduates and Working professionals with up to one year experience.

Batch starting soon

1 Month Training

Get hired as Junior Relationship Manager or Assistant Relationship Manager

Program Fee Structure

Registration Fee


Pay After Placement Fee

INR 50,000

INR 35,000*

(Fee After Scholarship)

MentorKart collects the aforementioned fee, while PNB MetLife does not charge any fees.

*Your First EMI will be due once you are selected for the program. (No Cost EMI available)

Why choose this Program???

Are you still confused? whether to choose this program or not Below are following pointers which will help you to decide

Meet our Lead Mentor


Director, Insiqa Technologies and Ex-PNB MetLife

Dinkar Chopra thinks strategically about business and market opportunities.Proven leadership abilities supported by an entrepreneur spirit and risk-taking appetite.
A hustler with an impeccable record of executing Go To Market Strategies. Successfully delivered results in diverse industries like FMCG,BFSI,Food,Ed-Tech,IoT,SaaS,ERP Solutions, Security Tech etc. Manage Omni-Channel platforms like B2B,B2B2C,B2C, Modern Trade,CSD,Govt-Entities, Distributors,Stockists,Agents,Advisors etc. Manage Product life-cycle.Transform business trends into long term strategic growth plans.

About Pay After Placement

Pay after placement (PAP) is the red-carpet way to land your dream job. The PAP program structure is specially designed to assist you with learning skills relevant to industry requirements. This initiative is specially launched to clear all the hurdles students face to achieve success.

The program will begin from the roots so that you will learn about Insurance sector. All you need to have is a sincere commitment to learning, and we assure you will succeed in your career.

Under the Pay after Placement model by MentorKart, you will get a full-time job post which you will have to pay a certain amount (No Interest EMI options available) to MentorKart as program fees. Pay after placement (PAP) is the red-carpet way to land your dream job. The PAP program structure is specially designed to assist you with learning skills relevant to industry requirements. This initiative is specially launched to clear all the hurdles students face to achieve success. Under the PAP scheme, the student need not pay the fee until they get their first salary.

What will I learn in this Program?


  • Understanding the concept of risk

  • Exploring the relationship between uncertainty and risk

  • Familiarizing oneself with the principles of insurance

  • Introducing life insurance, including its meaning, products, documentation, and policy

  • Introducing general insurance, including its meaning, products, documentation, and policy

  • Introducing Health insurance, including its meaning, products, documentation, and policy

  • Providing an overview of bancassurance

  • Emphasizing the importance of customer service in insurance, including its quality and how it relates to the industry

  • Providing an overview of financial planning in the context of insurance.

  • Learning common etiquettes and practicing them through role-plays and activities.

  • Handling business cards, understanding general meeting etiquettes, and practicing them through role-plays and activities

  • Developing telephone etiquettes and practicing them through role-plays and activities

  • Understanding grooming standards and power dressing

  • Identifying the elements of good and bad customer service, exploring moments of truth in customer service

  • Developing complaint management and service recovery skills

  • Understanding customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Learning about benchmark practices in CRM and practicing through role-plays.

  • Developing the ability to work under pressure.

  • Improving negotiation skills

  • Understanding the importance of interpersonal activities

  • Developing the ability to think creatively and out of the box

  • Basic grammar rules for spoken English, including verbs, conjunctions, and prepositions

  • Guidelines for email writing and email etiquettes

  • Identifying word parts such as roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and building business vocabulary

  • Strategies for delivering effective presentations

  • Improving active listening skills and paraphrasing

  • Developing English speaking skills through self-introduction and impromptu speeches

  • Tips for having effective conversations in English

  • Participating in group discussions to improve communication and interpersonal skills

  • Mentorkart Mentorship Program

  • Understanding the relationship between sales and relationship management

  • Learning financial selling techniques and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model

  • Exploring insurance distribution channels

  • Understanding the sales profile and personality fitment

  • Conceptualizing the sale process and the big picture

  • Learning about different sales types and personality traits

  • Identifying the personality types of successful sales professionals

  • Improving negotiation skills

  • Developing closing techniques to secure orders

  • Understanding order management, including up-selling and cross-selling

  • Learning consultative selling techniques, including need identification, recognizing the M.A.N (Money, Authority, Need), developing general benefit statements, using the FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) technique, handling objections, and up-selling and cross-selling

  • Practicing through activities and role-plays

  • Sales Pipeline: The bigger the pipeline, the better your output

Course Overview

Get Graduate Development Program by learning from Industry Experts

100% live session

Interact and Learn from successful Mentors, industry leaders from some of the top Industries.

The successful candidates will get a real life exposure by working as Junior Relationship Manager or Assistant Relationship Manager at PNB Metlife and its affiliate and post Training they will be offered a full time role.

Guest Lectures

Listen from industry stalwarts. The industry leader will guide you, and you can learn how to bring this culture more intensively.

Case Studies

It is tough to succeed at case interviews without proper preparation. Solve some exciting case studies and learn excellent preparation resources to practice.

Industry Experts who’ll teach you

Tarun Kumar Singh


Kanahiya Manuja

Commercial Account Manager

Abhaya Gupta

Sales Coach

Chumki Chopra

Strategic Account Management & Sales Excellence

Tanvi Bhasin

Learning and Development Professional

Get the certificate

This is a sample certificate provided post successful completion of the program to each individual. PNB Metlife graduate development program certification will be provided jointly by MentorKart and PNB Metlife with lifetime validity

This certificate can help you to accelerate your career in insurance sector as this program is a tailored made program for graduates by Industry mentors and veterans

Certificate will be awarded on course completion

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Pay INR 35,000 (after scholarship) as an upfront fee on receiving the offer letter or you can avail loan facility from our finance partner (Terms and Conditions will be according to the finance partner

Please call us on+91 76782 76493or submit your detailshereto get a call back and communication for further steps.

Any Graduates & Professionals with 1 year of experience

The Training is for 1 month (15 days before joining as ARM & 15 days after joining as ARM).

If you are offered a full time position then you will be earning up to INR 3.6 LPA+ Incentives

You will learn and improve your communication skills, how to - increase customer retention, enhance networking opportunities, improve conflict resolution, and develop leadership skills. Overall, the program can provide you with the skills and tools you need to build and maintain strong relationships with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders, which can lead to long-term business growth and personal development. The specific ways in which this program can help you grow will depend on the program's focus and objectives. However, generally speaking, participating in a program can provide you with new knowledge, skills, and experiences that can contribute to both your personal and professional growth.

Your EMI’s will be pause if the company terminates your employment within 3 Months tenure.

Yes, Certificate will be provided after completion of the training.

Yes, subject to approval by our financing partner