Why do We all Need Mentor Today?

By March 15, 2021 March 18th, 2021 Mentor

There’s probably been a number of instances in your life where you need a mentor. Mentors are someone you can trust and you know that they will give you the right advice and guidance. The person may have been your friend, family, coach, or your teacher. These people have acted as your mentors at some point of time in your life by guiding, directing, and shaping your present situation and future opportunities for the better.

Importance of Mentor in everyone’s life

A mentor is someone with whom you can gradually develop a long-term relationship. This focuses on the mentee’s growth and development. So, what role does the mentor play in a mentee’s life? The mentor takes the mentee under his wing, guides him, and teaches him new skills. Mentoring helps in many ways as it helps one in getting the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, proper guidance on professional development and advancement, and exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking. 

Nowadays there are various new portals and sites which provide various specialized mentorship programs where people can get a personal mentor for themselves accordingly.

One should get the most out of a mentorship program. 

Below are some tips you should follow when you enroll yourself in a mentorship program :

Have a comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives 

goal Setting

You should have clarity of your goals and what you want to achieve with which the mentor should help you. Discuss your confusion with your mentor and clear your doubts. 

Connect with your mentor on a daily basis

The more you spend time with your mentor the more you will get to know about how your mentors work or how they handle certain situations. Also, you need to observe your mentor and it helps you in your future dealings.

Always be curious

You need to step out of your comfort zone and be curious. This is the most important as well as beneficial piece of advice that you need to follow to get the most out of your mentor relationship. Ask thought-provoking questions that make you dig deeper for answers. The questions you ask need to be of utmost importance and just not superficial questions.

Be honest with your mentor

The only way your mentorship program will be a success is if you are 100% honest with your mentor which includes that whenever you have a doubt ask questions if you are stuck at some point ask for their help and be open to their feedback. Their feedback can either be positive or negative but rather than being agitated by their negative feedback work on where you went wrong.

Remember to do your homework

They can teach you loads and loads of skills and techniques but those skills and techniques would not be beneficial if you don’t practice them continuously. 

Be generous

Always show gratitude to your mentors as they have taken the time and helped you by sharing their contacts their knowledge with you. Be sure to always show them respect and value their opinions and also appreciate their guidance.

Never limit yourself to only one mentor

You can establish multiple mentoring relationships accordingly and don’t limit yourself to only one mentor. Build relationships with multiple people which can help you in growing in different aspects of your life.


Mentors can become your go-to person whom you can ask for advice and seek support during hard times. They are always around you to celebrate your wins, regardless of them being small or big. For students, professionals, or aspiring entrepreneurs, it pays to have a mentor who will help you in navigating life’s ups and downs. Log in and get ahead in your career.