How to Find A Mentor?

By March 18, 2021 Mentor

In today’s time, the need to have a mentor has increased rapidly. The mentoring relationship can become a very powerful tool for your professional growth. But this can only happen if you get the right mentoring. Because the trickiest things about mentoring are that it’s quite informal and it can often make it difficult to find an entry point. Quite a few people have been approaching mentoring the wrong way. People have been asking a leader they admire to mentor them. They are unintentionally forcing that person into an awkward situation in which the other person has to say “yes” even if they are not interested. But this is not how mentoring works. 

How to find good mentors

A mentor is someone who can act as your guide and will encourage you to apply for new opportunities. They will help you by telling and teaching you to tackle challenging situations. Keep one thing in mind that a mentor is very different from a sponsor. A mentor answers your questions and offers advice to your queries, they impart knowledge. But they can’t give you a new job, raise, or promotion. While a sponsor uses his or her connections to advocate for your career growth.

Mentors On Demand

  There arises a misunderstanding about how mentoring works. This includes when decide to begin a relationship with him/her. “Mentoring is all about me” or “I will wait for a mentor to find me”. Everything you know how how to find a mentor may be wrong.

Below are the tips which can help you figure out how you can find the right mentor.

Do extensive research on finding someone you want to be your mentor

The very first step is that you need to do find someone who has a job that you want or a platform that you admire. Find a person who has a similar set of strengths and skills you want to emulate. You need to go through several candidates before committing to a single mentor.

Get to study and know the person 

You need to follow your prospective mentor’s blog. Try to get to know more about him/her. Make sure you understand their strengths and weakness very well. Most importantly, set your expectations realistically.

Procrastinate on the type of role you want to be mentored

Do thorough research on the type of role you desire and find out everything about that role. If you have any doubts or are confused about two roles then be ready to ask your mentor. They will be able to help in clearing your doubts.

Think about how you’ll interact with your mentor

Mentorship Platforms

This is the most crucial step as you need to write down the problems or specific requirements you might have regarding the field or subject matter. For your convenience write down all these queries somewhere as they will come in handy when you interact with the mentor. 

Mention them about their work

As you may have done quite a research on your mentor beforehand. When the time comes and you meet him/her do mention their works and accomplishments. By doing this they get to know that you are genuinely interested in getting mentored by them.


Now that we have discussed the ways on how you can get and choose a mentor, it will get easier for you to find the perfect mentor. Just make sure that he/she knows that you care about them as much as you expect them to care about you. You need to understand that mentoring takes real-time and real work. Form a relationship with him/her and you will get to know that whether they are the right person to mentor you or not.