Whether you are a early-stage entrepreneur or a start up, a mentor can make your journey much easy and substantially decrease the chances of failure. Mentors handhold you through ups and downs of entrepreneurship and steer you away from bad choices and teething issues.

They act as a guide, offering advice and support whenever it is needed. They assist in professional socializations and act as a bridge for networking.


Am I hiring the right talent?


How do I deal with the Entrepreneurial stress ?


How to I build and retain a strong client base ?


What could be the possible funding sources for my venture ?


Will my marketing strategy help me in creating an impact in the market ?


How do I deal with the volatility in the start-up environment ?

Changing the way people
achieve their goals

Behind every successful person there is always a great Mentor, do you have one? MentorKart gives you an opportunity to interact with great mentors and successful people,

So why learn by making mistakes when you can learn with mentors, Set your personal and professional goals and we help them achieve and monitor them at MentorKart

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Chat with
group of mentors

Its critical to ask questions for clarifying your doubts, at time we shy away with that for various reasons including privacy, MentorKart brings you dtwak as chat feature where you ask anything and our expert mentors respond to you,

Your chat are private to group of mentors only and no mentee can see that, so answers/solutions and conversation are specific to your problem,

So what are you waiting for raise a Question on dtwak now.

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Personalised 1:1
chat with mentors

With our Personalized 1:1 chat, Ask all your questions to whomsoever mentor you want to connect with. We respect your privacy so your chat would be kept private.

So, what are you waiting for, engage now.

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Schedule a
call with mentors

Everybody knows that interaction becomes more convenient when we talk rather than we write or type. Apart from dtwak and personalized chat, MentorKart provides you a call scheduling option in its app.

A mentee can schedule a call with any mentor at an affordable cost. The calendar of mentor would be shown to mentee before he/she schedules a call.

Schedule a call now and gift yourself a mentor.

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Attend Live
q&a sessions

When you subscribe to MentorKart, it gives you an opportunity to attend live Q&A sessions from various Mentors, CxO’s, Industry experts, Investors and advisors every month there would be opportunity to meet such experts and MentorKart,

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Master classes & exclusive
blogs & articles

MentorKart also adding every month exclusive Videos and other contents from experts designed to solve specific problem and gives you focused learning opportunity,

Anyone with having our app can watch these free assets like video lectures, blogs & articles, Audio lectures , what you waiting for?

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Recorded events &

To get focused learning so many events and conferences are happening across India and overseas but its not practically possible to attend all , at the same time we wish to hear great speakers , hence MentorKart is reaching out to all such events organizers and getting those events accessed within App

On our app, you get to watch all the recorded events that are held by MentorKart or our partners.

Is it not an amazing thing ?

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Meet investors & industry experts to
raise funds

Do you own a startup or planning to have one? If yes,It is the right platform for you. MentorKart not only provide you the expert mentors that help you in growing business , but we also invite investors from startup ecosystem in our panel , you get to know about them and opportunity interact with them directly , this help you to network with Investors and pitch them for funding.

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