Corporate World to Entrepreneurship: Becoming Your Own Boss

By November 18, 2021 Mentor Videos

MentorKart Invites you to live in conversation with

Ashish Khare , Founder -MentorKart


Mr. Akshay Hiremath , Founder of Memory Marg

Conversations around his new book “Corporate world to entrepreneurship: becoming your own boss” , which covers following

1. Confusion in the minds of students while choosing between entrepreneurship and the corporate world
2. 95% of start-ups fail and here the author shares the main things to be avoided to prevent failure
3. Many experienced professionals have lost their jobs in the pandemic and are evaluating whether to turn entrepreneurs or not
4. The author takes you through the journey of the pros and cons of the corporate world and entrepreneurship.
5. The book also talks about why most entrepreneurs fail, and what entrepreneurs need to do right in order to succeed.

Let’s get connect on 18th March. 2021 at 1:00 pm IST onwards

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