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Pay After Placement available


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About BondsIndia

Company began its journey in the year 2020. The company laid its foundation under the dynamic leadership of our Co-founders Mr. Puneet Aggarwal and Mr. Ankit Gupta.We are registered WDM broker with BSE and are also regulated by SEBI. We have our technology center based out at Gurugram, Haryana and our head of operations is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. BondsIndia has tech integration with ICCL and is the only platform in the country to provide REAL-TIME online KYC, reporting & trade settlement facility to all our valued investors. We started our operation with a team of 5 and within two years, our family size had grown to over 80+ members.

Pay After Placement Fee

INR 40,000

(Financial Aid and EMI available)

First Installment

Your First EMI will be due once you are
selected for the program.


MentorKart collects the aforementioned program registration fee, while BondsIndia does not charge any fees.

*Amount will be refunded, if not selected

Job Description

In this program candidates will be hired and onboarded by BondsIndia. After getting hired candidate will be trained on the parameters and course structure provided by BondsIndia.

Eligibility: Any Recent Graduate

Joining date: Batch will start soon

Position: Business Growth Executive

Salary Range: ₹3.0-3.5 LPA+ Incentives

Location: Gurugram

Communication: English is must


Pay After Placement

Experience a red-carpet entry to your dream job with Pay After Placement (PAP). Our program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills that are relevant to current industry requirements. PAP is an initiative that aims to eliminate all the obstacles faced by students to achieve their career goals

Under the PAP scheme, the student need not pay the fee until the student gets their offer letter.

Details about the Program

In this program candidates will be hired and onboarded by BondsIndia. After getting hired candidate will be trained on the parameters and course structure provided by BondsIndia.

Live Class: 40+ Hours

Master classes

Soft skills sessions

Projects and case studies

What you’ll learn?

Take a glance at the modules to familiarize yourself with your learning journey!

Types of Financial Markets

    Stock Market: A market where shares of publicly traded companies are bought and sold.

    Bond Market: A market where debt securities, such as government bonds and corporate bonds, are traded.

    Foreign Exchange Market (Forex): The market where different currencies are exchanged.

    Commodities Market: A market where raw materials like gold, oil, agricultural products, etc., are traded.

    Derivatives Market: A market where financial contracts, such as futures, options, and swaps, are bought and sold based on an underlying asset.

    Investors: Individuals or institutions who buy and hold financial instruments for long-term investment purposes.

    Traders: Individuals or institutions who actively buy and sell financial instruments in the short term to make profits.

    Brokers: Intermediaries who facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers in the market.

    Exchanges: Organized platforms where financial instruments are traded.

    Regulators: Government bodies responsible for overseeing and regulating the financial markets to ensure fair practices and stability.

    Economic Indicators: Factors like GDP, inflation, interest rates, employment data, and consumer sentiment impact market movements.

    Company Performance: Financial markets react to the financial health and performance of individual companies.

    Geopolitical Events: Political developments, trade disputes, wars, or natural disasters can affect market sentiment.

    Investor Sentiment: Market psychology and investor sentiment can influence buying and selling decisions.

    Fundamental Analysis: Evaluating a company's financial statements, industry trends, and economic factors to determine its intrinsic value.

    Technical Analysis: Examining historical price and volume data using charts and patterns to predict future price movements.

    Sentiment Analysis: Assessing market sentiment through news, social media, and surveys to gauge investor behavior.

    Diversification: Spreading investments across different assets or sectors to reduce risk.

    Stop-Loss Orders: Setting predetermined price levels to automatically sell an asset if it reaches a certain point to limit potential losses.

    Hedging: Using financial instruments to offset potential losses in another investment.

    Concept of Sales Management, Marketing, and Sales

    Sales Management Functions and role and responsibilities of Salesperson


    Consumer and the difference between the customer and consumer

    Introduction to customer success management

    Engagement with the customers

    Handling the customers

    Selling: Basic understanding, Challenging but

    Selling Attitude: Attitude is everything in sales/Belief cycle

    Selling techniques: ABC of selling

    Sale’s Pipeline: The bigger the pipeline, the better is your output

    Identifying the target segment

    Prospecting (Pre approach)

    Product presentation- Product knowledge

    Objection handling


    Sale closing

    Learning common etiquette and practicing them through role-plays and activities

    Handling business cards, understanding general meeting etiquette, and practicing them through role-plays and activities

    Developing telephone etiquettes and practicing them through role-plays and activities

    Understanding grooming standards and power dressing

    Identifying the elements of good and bad customer service, exploring moments of truth in customer service

    Developing complaint management and service recovery skills

    Understanding customer relationship management (CRM)

    Learning about benchmark practices in CRM and practicing through role-plays

    Developing the ability to work under pressure

    Understanding the importance of interpersonal activities

    Developing the ability to think creatively and out of the box.

Course Overview

Become an expert in Business Growth by learning from Industry Experts

Live & Online Classes

Interact & Learn LIVE with Business Growth Experts.

Guest Lectures

Listening from Industry Stalwarts is always insightful. Bringing this culture in more intensive way, different industry leader is going to guide you.

Case Studies

Want to test your understanding? Try some cool Case Studies. Hell Ya!! It’s exciting and here at MentorKart it is rewarding too.


Create your proof of work with allocated projects and lure recruiter. Good projects are the testimony that you have understood the learning track very well.

Industry Experts who’ll teach you

Get the certificate

Upon successfully completing the course offered by BondsIndia in partnership with MentorKart, individuals will be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate, which has lifetime validity, is jointly provided by MentorKart and BondsIndia to recognize the individual's achievement in the program.

Certificate will be awarded on course completion


To learn more about the program and download the brochure, please register. Following registration, you will need to clear the Aptitude Assessment and Screening Interview. Once you successfully pass this stage and are shortlisted, your training will begin. Upon completion of the training, your performance will be evaluated, and based on that, you may be offered a full-time position to join the team. Take the first step by registering, clearing the assessments, and embarking on an exciting journey towards a potential full-time role.

Recent Graduates are eligible for the program.
Assessments and projects will be provided by BondsIndia after half completion of the program.
Our program offers valuable insights and comprehensive training for a successful career in Business Growth Roles. It equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this field. Additionally, the placement assistance provided is highly beneficial.
This program will run with 40+ hours of training including assessments and projects.
As the official business language is English hence the program will be delivered in the same.
The program will be delivered in complete online mode.
The learnings and excellence must require 2 hour daily as a commitment for this program.
This opportunity requires full-time commitment, which means you cannot pursue it alongside other jobs.
There are two ways one can opt to pay

Direct Payment: One time full payment can be done.

Financial assistance and EMI options are also available.

Yes, you will be provided a certificate post successful completion of the program. Course completion certification is presented by BondsIndia and MentorKart jointly with lifetime validity.
The total fee for the program is INR 40,000. Your 1st EMI will be due when you get selected for the program, which is refundable.