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Embark on a thrilling journey through the landscape of audit, beginning with the fundamentals and ascending to unparalleled levels of expertise. Nurture vital skills, plunge into cutting-edge industry trends, and triumph over practical projects—all guided by mentorship that empowers you to boldly enter the vibrant universe of audit!

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What Makes Audit a Promising Career Choice in the Financial Landscape?

  • Rising DemandThe increasing complexity of regulatory landscapes has led to a growing demand for skilled auditors, creating abundant opportunities for career advancement.

  • Strategic Decision-Making:Auditors are often involved in strategic decision-making, offering insights based on their assessments that can significantly impact the direction and success of a company.

  • Dynamic Career Path:The dynamic nature of Audit means professionals can work across various industry sectors, gaining diverse experiences and broadening their skill set.

  • Challenging and Rewarding:The challenges inherent in Audit make it a rewarding career choice for those seeking intellectual stimulation, professional growth, and a sense of accomplishment in the financial domain.

Career Overview of Audit Professionals

  • Auditors actively contribute to strategic decision-making, providing invaluable insights derived from their assessments and analyses.

  • Collaboration with various departments is integral, as auditors work closely with teams across the organisation to implement control measures and address audit findings.

  • Audit professionals emphasise ethical practices, ensuring that financial processes and decisions align with the highest standards of integrity.

  • Auditors are experts in identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks, safeguarding the financial stability of the organization.

Who Should Join?


Finance Enthusiasts


Aspiring professionals


Finance and accounting enthusiasts


Professionals seeking cross-functional collaboration


Individuals with a strong analytical mindset

Total Program Fee

INR 75,000

Admission Fee

INR 20,000

Fee after getting Internship

(Due when you start your internship)

INR 55,000

*NBFC financing available subject to approval (maximum up to 9 Months tenure)


Unlocking Audit Potential: Your Journey into Data Brilliance

Embarking on an Audit journey involves navigating organizational risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and guiding strategic decisions. It starts with a specialized degree, unlocking pathways to advanced certifications, leading from entry-level to influential roles. Essential skills include intricate analysis and unwavering ethics.
Shaped by technology and globalization, auditors emerge as instrumental architects of organizational success. Amid challenging hours and intense competition, gratifications reverberate across diverse industries.

Tools Covered

Program Features

In this program you will be offered with following uniqueness

100% Live Session

Industry Projects

1:1 Interview Prep

Internship Guaranteed

Placement Assistance

Soft Skills Training

Industry Mentors

You can start your dream job in domains like


Risk Management


Financial Services

Course Curriculum

What is Business

    Basic about business ?

    About different department of business ?

    How different department support each other for achieving organisation goal.

    Different Stake holder of Business.

    Roles & Responsibilities of different stakeholder of Business.

    Debate session.

    Doubt Clearing Session

    What is Audit ?

    About Internal Audit and external audit.

    How internal audit is difference from external audit.

    Stake holder of IA.

    Roles & Responsibilities of different stakeholder of IA.

    An internal audit lifecycle & its component.

    Debate session.

    Doubt Clearing Session.

    About Procurement to Pay lifecycle.

    Process Walkthrough of Procurement to Payment.

    Risk Identification of Procurement to Pay.

    Audit Programme of Procurement to Pay.

    About Fieldwork/Execution in Internal Audit wrt P2P.

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Report Writing.

    Practice Session.

    Doubt Clearing Session.

    Assignment (Off Class).

    About Order to Cash lifecycle.

    Process Walkthrough of Order to Cash.

    Risk Identification of Order to Cash.

    Audit Programme of Order to Cash.

    About Fieldwork/Execution in Internal Audit wrt O2C.

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Report Writing.

    Practice Session.

    Doubt Clearing Session.

    Assignment (Off Class)

    About Hire to Retire lifecycle.

    Process Walkthrough of Hire to Retire.

    Risk Identification of Hire to Retire.

    Audit Programme of Hire to Retire.

    About Fieldwork/Execution in Internal Audit wrt H2R.

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Report Writing.

    Practice Session.

    Doubt Clearing Session.

    Assignment (Off Class).

    About Production lifecycle.

    Process Walkthrough of Production.

    Risk Identification of Production.

    Audit Programme of Production.

    About Fieldwork/Execution in Internal Audit wrt Production.

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Report Writing.

    Practice Session.

    Doubt Clearing Session.

    Assignment (Off Class).

    What is Internal Financial Control ?

    Applicability of IFC & ICFR.

    Difference between IFC & ICFR.


    Doubt Clearing Session

    About RCM and its different component.

    About different financial assertion.

    About design testing and operating testing.

    Case studies & activity

    Doubt Clearing Session

    Assignment (In Class + Off Class)

    About Sampling methodology.

    Drafting of test scripts.

    Performing of testing for controls.

    About documentation of evidence.

    Doubt Clearing Session

    Assignment (Off Class)

    What is SOX ?

    Difference between SOX & IFC.

    SOX testing and it's documentation.


    Doubt Clearing Session

    Assignment (Off Class)

Course Overview

Take a glimpse at what we'll provide you during your time with us!

Learn from Seasoned Industry Professionals

Gain insights and skills from experienced industry experts to excel in your chosen field.

Exclusive 100% Live Session Format

Experience our unique and engaging 100% live session format for interactive learning and real-time skill development.

1:1 Mock Interviews and Soft Skills training

Receive tailored 1:1 mock interviews and specialized training to enhance your soft skills for career success.

Clarification and Question Resolution Sessions

Engage in sessions dedicated to resolving doubts and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of course material.

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Get the certificate

Upon successfully completing the course offered by MentorKart, individuals will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Certificate will be awarded on course completion


Audit offers career benefits like diverse industry exposure, strategic decision involvement, continuous learning, and high demand for skilled professionals, ensuring dynamic growth and advancement opportunities.
The program is available in an online mode, allowing you to access program materials, lectures, and exercises from anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Expert Faculty
  • Practical Applications
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Certification
The program is designed to equip you with essential skills for entering the job market and preparing for various employment opportunities. It's important to note that the program comes with guaranteed Internship Program.
Yes, You will receive compensation throughout your internship.
The total fee is INR 75,000, comprising an admission fee of INR 20,000 and a Pay after Placement fee of INR 55,000. EMI options are available, subject to approval by the NBFC partner. In the case of loan approval by NBFC partner, fee has to be paid full and upfront.
Yes, upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, co-branded with NSDC/skill India.
You have two payment options:
  • Direct Payment: Make a one-time full payment.
  • EMI option through our registered NBFC partner. (Subject to approval in case of loan approval by NBFC partner, fee has to be paid full and upfront.)