Our philosophy is that everyone on this planet needs great mentors at every stage of life to achieve success. They help in nurturing personal and professional growth.

Together We Build Dreams

There are two ways to succeed in life.
Learn by making mistakes or Learn with Mentor.
MentorKart® find answers, polish your skills and unleash your potential

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MentorKart® helps you to fulfil your dreams and take that big step towards success. Get professional support to enrich your professional and personal life. A mentorship program that brings you the best mentor from India and abroad from different walks of life to handhold you along your journey.

We believe that mentor-mentee relationships have the power to transform lives & close in the skills gaps in a sustainable fashion.

These best of industry veterans, educational gurus, specific domain experts and entrepreneurs share their mantra to see life and claim what one can deserves from life. Their experience can help an individual to build own wisdom to face ups & downs in various phases of Life. These real-world people and their ground level realistic experience makes them modern guru or life coach or true Mentor.

Every individual has its own ability & every phase in life comes up with own challenge.

This initiative will help a person know its ability and to take right decision at right time. How one can make his identity in this Rat Race and know his ‘Happiness Quotient” in professional & personal forms. Or know the right way to balance work & life.

MentorKart® provides opportunity to self-introspect and know your weaknesses, not to the world but Self. How to overcome same, conquer fears & hesitations, survive in competition, handle corporate politics, bring passion in life, making an impact on one’s own self and beyond.

We believe in establishing a strong relationship between the mentor and the mentee and in generating a belief in what is possible…in seeing a spark inside oneself.

Our Mission

“We are on a mission to make the youth of India future-ready”.

DG Guru Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd is founded by professional with extensive experience in Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Information Technology. MentorKart® is India’s first online mentoring platform bringing together renowned mentors with vast experience and mentee’s who look for guidance.

Our Mission is to provide a unique platform to individuals for chase their goals with the help of active mentoring from our leading mentors. We bring together Industry leaders and experts to share their vast Life experience and wisdom to the mentee’s. Our objective is to assist people overcome their fear of failure, conquer hesitation, survive in the face of competition and cover up the skills gap in a sustainable fashion.

Our Vision

Our vision is “To Provide a Mentor to all seeking Knowledge and Growth” and we seek to develop the most innovative mentoring platform and inspire moments of success through active mentorship.


Together We Build Dreams

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